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Company History
Apr 28, 2023

2016: We established our own  helmet manufacturing factory, focusing on the production of high-quality helmet products.

2017: We successfully launched our first smart helmet products and began to seek domestic and international sales channels, aiming to protect individuals across various activities and industries.

2018: The company further expanded its market share and established partnerships with more domestic and international traders to broaden the distribution of our helmets.

2020: We started developing innovative helmet designs to add new variations to our product line. We invested in research and development resources and strengthened cooperation with suppliers to ensure the use of premium materials and components.

2021: We successfully launched our first line of helmets and increased product awareness through targeted marketing campaigns and active participation in industry exhibitions. We actively sought sales opportunities and formed partnerships with domestic and international collaborators to promote helmet safety.

2022: The company increased investment in production capacity and supply chain management to meet the growing demand for helmets. We continuously improved helmet design and functionality to provide a superior user experience. We maintained open lines of communication with customers to better understand and meet their safety requirements.